Who we are

CiudadPerdida.co is a website portal of BAQUIANOS TRAVEL & ADVENTURE, a tourism company based in Santa Marta, National Register of Tourism 16506. We are a company with more than 29 years’ experience and pioneers on the Lost City trek, starting the first routes from La Tagua.

Our company is recommended by different well known national and international tourist guides such as Lonely Planet, considered by many as the “bible” for worldwide travelers or Petit Futé which is the guide par excellence of the French-speaking travelers. Besides that, we have a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor thanks to the good attention and service that we give to our travelers. We work with love and we are always ready to provide a good attention, in a kind, quick and precise way.

Currently we have a broad portfolio of services focused on adventure and nature tourism in the Caribbean region. We are operators in Santa Marta and La Guajira and we handle important tourist destinations such as Tayrona National Natural Park, Cabo de la Vela or Punta Gallinas and also we provide accommodation and transportation service. If you require any type of tourist service in the country, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The mission of the Travel and Tourism Agency Guías and Baquianos TOUR S.A.S., focuses its tourism activity in offering our customers the highest quality service supported by our experience. For us the most important heritage is our human team, who guide us in the desire to satisfy all the customers that travel with our agency.


GUIAS Y BAQUIANOS TOUR S.A.S seeks to be a leading company in sustainable tourism in Colombia and to be recognized nationally and internationally, providing its services in a timely, transparent and reliable manner, contributing to a culture of environmental awareness and supporting our society by being an engine for employment creation.

Do you know that…?

216 terraces have been discovered so far, 211 are circular-shape, 4 are quadrangular-shaped and probably were warehouses and one is a “chapel” that was used as a meeting place for the Tairona community?

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